Announcement and catch-up

Hey guys. I know I haven’t posted reviews lately and I apologize for that. I kind of went through a funk with reading and when I did finish a book I just had no idea what to say about it. If you read my last review, you could probably tell. I have so many books that I’ve read though that I’m going to work on reviewing. I finish with this semester of school and since it’s Christmas time, my excitement with a lot of things is increased so I’m hoping to pop out some good reviews for you.

Also, apparently Google Friend Connect is being discontinued for non-Blogger users and I am self-hosted and using WordPress. Now with me being gone for awhile, I’m not sure how many of you still even read my blog. But if you wish to continue, I suggest either liking my Facebook Fanpage, subscribe to my RSS Feed, sign up for email notifications, or follow on Twitter. You will get notified on all those when I post an update/review.

I will probably end up removing GFC and link to all of the above instead so then later on I don’t have to worry about moving everyone over. But I hope you all are willing to stick around because I hope to have a lot up in the next few weeks. I enjoyed having a break to get a pile of books in through so if I go through another funk, there hopefully won’t be such a gap in between reviews/books I’ve read.

I really want to try and post more than just book reviews and maybe hold another contest at some point. What are some of you favorite things to see on book blogs that you would like to see here on Escape to Wonderland? :)