About Catiebug

About me –
Well, if you didn’t already guess, I’m Catiebug. I’m 21-years-old and some would say I should be past the age of reading young adult books but you know what I say? Now that I’m 21, I’m no longer considered a teenager, but an adult and I’m really early in the adult years so in that sense I am a young adult.

I’m currently going to school for Graphic Design, which I’ve been doing since I was 10. It isn’t exactly what I really want to do, but it’s a good choice till I figure it out. Maybe running this blog will help me figure it out and I’ll end up getting into something to do with books.

When I’m not reading, I’m sometimes found looking for new books to read (and ordering them). If I’m not doing that, I’m either

  • browsing the web
  • reading book blogs
  • catching up on my YouTube subscriptions
  • watching movies or my favorite shows online (I don’t really watch TV though)
  • listening to music (I love almost anything)
  • chasing my one-year-old niece around

I live at home with my parents, younger brother, three dogs (Molly, Daisy & Harlow).

Some of my favorite authors are Sarah Dessen, Meg Cabot, Emily Griffin, Catherine Clark, Rachel Hawthorne, R.L Stine, Kate Brian.

Why am I doing this?
I had joined Goodreads in March 2011 and about a month and a half later, I found my first book blog. By then I was hooked and everyday since I was browsing then daily. I’ve always loved blogging, and I love to read and the two together seemed to be the perfect mix. I loved the idea of being able to share my thoughts, without having to worry about analyzing it and reviewing it like I would have to in English class. I could just have fun with it. Along with it, there are all the fun memes to participate and the friends I could make.